Diary of an Armor Crafter
Crafting 701 - 799: Speak to trainer to achieve Master Armorer.
Ran the level 700 Tradeskill Tools Quest 6 times as it is by far the easiest of the quests and used the Crafted Armorsmith's Knife for the whole "level"

Investment Totals
Money Spent: 4 Platinum, 323 Gold, 87 Silver, and 20 Copper
Returned from Sellbacks: 2 Platinum, 919 Gold, 15 Silver, and 36 Copper
Loss: 1 Platinum, 404 Gold, 71 Silver, and 84 Copper
Total GreenBar Time: 10 Hours, 15 Minutes, and 34 Seconds
Total Skill-Ups
boned arms :53
lamellar boots :24
lamellar legs :7
boned gauntlets :73
studded boots :24
boned boots :103
lamellar gauntlets :17
studded arms :36
Failure Tally
Fails with Loss:0
Fails without Loss:337
bedroll pillow:6
wrought jewelry box:8
boned vest:10
boned arms:107
lamellar boots:41
lamellar legs:17
boned gauntlets:123
studded boots:60
boned boots:184
lamellar gauntlets:37
studded arms:87
imbued leather square:2
seamist heavy thread:1
runed leather square:30
nightshade heavy thread:6
Crafting Quality
Item NameItem Quality total Crafted
bedroll pillow971
bedroll pillow982
bedroll pillow992
bedroll pillow961
wrought jewelry box983
wrought jewelry box942
wrought jewelry box963
boned vest992
boned vest972
boned vest954
boned vest962
boned arms9514
boned arms9416
boned arms9622
boned arms971
lamellar boots958
lamellar boots964
lamellar boots972
lamellar boots943
lamellar legs964
lamellar legs953
lamellar legs943
boned gauntlets9420
boned gauntlets9513
boned gauntlets9615
studded boots9517
studded boots949
studded boots9610
boned boots9430
boned boots9623
boned boots9527
lamellar gauntlets9412
lamellar gauntlets963
lamellar gauntlets955
studded arms9415
studded arms9611
studded arms9517
studded arms977
NOTES: Attempts may not match total of successes and failures - due to moving or otherwise stopping a crafting in process.
Losses do not tally the actual loss (ie: if more than 1 item were lost), only the instances of loss and the materials included within that loss.
Negative cash in the "Loss" shows an actual gain of coin.
Crafting done while during Daylight Savings time will have unexpected GreenBar Results :)