Serenitee's Crafting Diary
2 - 99: Speak to trainer to achive Junior Armorer!

Investment Totals
Money Spent: 0 Gold, 53 Silver, and 0 Copper
Returned from Sellbacks: 0 Gold, 26 Silver, and 82 Copper
Loss: 0 Gold, 26 Silver, and 17 Copper
Total GreenBar Time: 12 Minutes, and 27 Seconds
Total Skill-Ups
studded gauntlets:35
studded boots:42
studded arms:23
Failure Tally
Fails with Loss:7
Fails without Loss:93
studded gauntlets:61
studded boots:89
studded arms:62
rawhide leather square:6
bronze metal bars:1
Crafting Quality
Item NameItem Quality total Crafted
studded gauntlets9412
studded gauntlets965
studded gauntlets958
studded gauntlets971
studded boots9517
studded boots9414
studded boots9614
studded boots972
studded arms9413
studded arms9511
studded arms968
studded arms975
NOTES: Attempts may not match total of successes and failures - due to moving or otherwise stopping a crafting in process.
Losses do not tally the actual loss (ie: if more than 1 item were lost), only the instances of loss and the materials included within that loss.
Negative cash in the "Loss" shows an actual gain of coin.
Crafting done while during Daylight Savings time will have unexpected GreenBar Results :)